Mary’s Story

Mary experienced homelessness many times since she was diagnosed with depression over thirty years ago. She later developed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after being assaulted… Read More

Ken’s Story

When fires and unrest occurred on E Lake Street last May, Ken was worried about his new apartment at Minnehaha Commons. He made sure protesters knew that “people live here,” so no one would harm the building. Read More

Donna’s Story

Donna moved to Minneapolis last June, only to find a city in chaos. “I had nowhere to go,” said Donna. "I ended up living in a tent in Powderhorn Park.” Read More

Standing with Our Community

The events of the past week have affected all of us. Our hearts continue to be with the family, community, and friends of George Floyd in our shared grief. To everyone experiencing the trauma of this moment, we join you in mourning, in anger, and in sorrow. Read More

Sherry’s Story

Sherry hit the streets on a frigid winter night after her life was threatened. She wandered the city, hoping a car would hit her to end her misery. Fortunately, she found a shelter who let her stay the night, even though they were full. Read More

Mary’s Story

“Jigsaw puzzles help me relax and make me happy,” says Mary. Most days you will find Mary in her apartment she shares with a roommate, working on a puzzle. Read More