Sherry’s Story

Sherry hit the streets on a frigid winter night after her life was threatened. She wandered the city, hoping a car would hit her to end her misery. Fortunately, she found a shelter who let her stay the night, even though they were full.

Sherry was used to being homeless. Her family was frequently homeless and moved over 28 times. Because her family moved so often, she never made close friends and felt isolated. Sherry’s life was chaotic and unstable. “I’ve struggled with mental illness and my emotions most of my life,” she said. “I experienced violence on the streets. My life was one big ball of trauma.”

She lived on the streets and in shelters until she was referred to Touchstone’s Housing Innovation Program. Our staff helped her find an apartment and organized her move. Sherry didn’t have a blanket, bed or anything for an apartment, so staff used our Basic Needs Fund to pay for personal and apartment essentials.

Sherry has lived in her apartment for over a year, and enjoys making it a vibrant, green space with lots of plants. “Touchstone staff helped stop the chaos in my life. I feel more stable and peaceful now,” said Sherry. “Touchstone staff helped me take control of my life and support my safety and healing.”