May is Mental Health Awareness Month

As we move through May, here are some reminders about why Mental Health Matters.

Everyone has mental health. Mental health is our ability to engage with our emotions, thoughts, and interactions with others.

  • Mental health affects how we think, feel, and act every day. The best way to protect mental health is to pay attention to it even when you’re feeling ok or even good. Just like with our physical health, we can do things that make us mentally healthier and happier.

Creating positive habits is a great way to support your mental health.

  • Mental health plays a big role in overall well-being. When you feel mentally well, you’re more able to enjoy life and the people in it, feel better about yourself, keep up with fulfilling relationships, and manage stress.

Experiencing poor mental health is not the same as having a mental health condition. A mental health condition, or mental illness, refers to a set of symptoms that have been identified by a health provider.

  • We all have tough days and weeks, and everyone manages their mental health every day. People with mental health conditions experience change in emotions, thinking, and/or behavior. For some, this means extreme and unexpected changes in mood, like feeling more sad or worried than usual. For others, it means not thinking clearly, pulling away from friends and activities you used to enjoy, or hearing voices that others do not. Mental illness is treatable; it is not always a permanent state of being.

The opportunities and resources we have available in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and communities impact our mental health just like they impact our physical health.

  • Mental health is not just about what we do as individuals. For example, organizations are promoting mental health when they promote belonging and connectedness.