People affected by a mental illness have difficulty managing relationships, maintaining their housing, holding a job, and taking care of their daily needs. One of the largest barriers for people with a mental illness is the lack of affordable housing and poor housing stability.

Touchstone services help people learn about their illness, manage their symptoms, improve their ability to handle their lives, and remain in their housing.

Key Results


People Served


People that Remain in Housing


People are Satisfied with Services

Making a Difference

Touchstone programs help people recover from mental illness and develop the skills they need to live well in their communities. We know people flourish when they receive treatment, quality housing, supportive services, and are part of their community.


Mary’s Story

Mary experienced homelessness many times since she was diagnosed with depression over thirty years ago. She later developed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after being assaulted… Read More

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